Saturday, October 11, 2008

I can't Believe that it has been a year. We had Lizzy's first birthday Wednesday. It went really well, I think that she had a good time. Lizzy is getting so big and into everything. she started walking about three weeks ago and she has not slowed down since.


Tambrey said...

Happy birthday Lizzie! Ellen, I know youa re such a good little mommy! I changed my blog! It is now
Visit us there!

the boyd girls.... said...

So precious!! Keep the post coming... I miss you, E! Excited about No. 2!Call me sometime!

Anonymous said...

The party was great, food was wonderful, we had a great time!! Thank you so much for inviting us!! Lizzy is adorable.

The Napier Family said...

Lizzy, Greer had the best time at your Birthday Party and is ready for another playdate. Ellen call me next week.